Are All Muslims Terrorists?

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Prasad, Mike, “Does the FBI really believe that all Muslims are terrorists?”, September 30, 2011. Retrieved February 17, 2015 from

There are many misconceptions about Muslims and Islam in general. There is an idea that Muslims are extremely violent, but is this necessarily true? Some may argue that Islam is a religion of hatred because of prominent terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, or Islamic State (ISIS).  These groups are reported on very often in the mainstream media and because of how they’re portrayed the general public think that all Muslims behave in that way; that we’re all evil. However, this just isn’t true Islam is a religion of peace and all Muslims are not terrorists. When people think of Islam terrorism shouldn’t be the first word to come to your mind. The Quran promotes peace and does not condone violence or murder. These are just some teachings of the holy book. Now, you may be thinking how could people who follow this supposedly peaceful religion commit such heinous acts? It is important to realize that these people in terrorist groups commit acts of crime based on their political agenda as opposed to their faith. Also, some are often misguided in their religion and fail to realize that murdering a human being, a creation of god, is a terrible sin.

Do you think all Muslims are Terrorists? Click here to read why it isn’t true. This is a great article which explains the truth about terrorism, and why Islam is negatively looked upon in the media.

 Islam and the Quran’s Teachings: The Islamic Sacred Book

  • strongly advocates kindness
  • promotes a healthy and active lifestyle
  • forbids backbiting
  • forbids cheating, false accusations, and jealousy
  • be righteous and avoid falsehood
  • promotes peace and tolerance
  • these are just a few examples of the many teachings in the holy book.

The Holy Quran

No Author, “The Holy Quran, Chapter 45, Verse 20”, August 24, 2012. Retrieved February 17, 2015 from

This photo represents how merciful and benevolent Allah (God) is and how Islam is a religion that guides people on the right path.

Facts and Figures:

  • In the United States since 1995 56% of attacks and plots were committed by Right-Wing Extremists
  • 30% were committed by Eco terrorists
  • Only 12% were committed by Islamic Extremists! 
  • In Europe, less than 2% of attacks were because of Muslim groups!

“Muslim countries average 2.4 murders per annum per 100,000 people compared to non-Muslim countries that have 7.5 murders per annum per 100,000 people.”

UC Berkeley Political Scientist M. Steven Fish

The Media’s Influence:

In the media, terrorist groups such as Lord’s Resistance Army, and the New People’s Army are reported on, but not as much as Islamic terrorist groups even though these groups as well as many others abduct, rape, violate human rights, and murder. Do not always believe what a news reporter or anchor is saying, research these topics by yourself and see the truth. Most of the time, these news companies are bias and want you to believe what they’re saying is true. They will only report stories that do not harm their image and strengthen their reputation. Fox news comes to mind as they report on their opinion on not on actual news, and they often report information that is false. For example, one congressman by the name of Peter King falsely claimed that 90% of terrorism comes from Muslims as it is seen in the video below. The Media plays a huge role in this misconception because if there was a Christian terrorist attack news companies will hesitate to report on it because it makes the majority religion (Christianity) look bad, instead they focus on Muslim terrorists.

Other Types of Terrorism, Something to Think About:

There are over 1.7 billion Muslims in the world, it is time to stop thinking that we all are guilty by association and that we’re the only religion that commits terrorist acts. Some may argue that the world’s most troubled spots such as Afghanistan, and Pakistan are plagued with Islamic Terrorists today. However, they fail to realize that countries such as the U.S. have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan for oil and other resources. Many relate their fears of Muslim terrorists because of the attack on 9/11 however, only 3000 people died in that event. Meanwhile, there are over 500,000 civilians dead or wounded in Iraq since the U.S. invasion and over 15,000 in the War of Afghanistan. People need to open their eyes, and see the world around them.

Discrimination, the Word “Terrorist” and How it Affects Us:

“Muslim women are being denied jobs and girls prevented from attending regular classes just because they wear traditional forms of dress, such as the headscarf.”

Marco Perolini, Amnesty International’s expert on discrimination. [1]

On another note, there is stigma against the people of Islam. People need to be welcoming to cultures and allow them to express themselves without prejudice or bias. This is simply not how people treats Muslims, and it is extremely disheartening.


Islam is Against Terrorism

Aziz, Poonawalla, “The Silence Label: Do Muslims Condemn?”, September 26, 2013. Retrieved February 17, 2015 from

Education is key, and once you do educate yourselves on certain issues, then and only then should you form an opinion. Women of Islam wear these traditional clothes because they want to show modesty and want people to judge them on who they’re as a person as opposed to their outer appearance. This all relates back to the Quran and how people think Islam is an evil religion when it is not.

“Society has given the word “terrorist” a religion, a colour, and characteristics that all relate to Islam.”

Yousef Erakat [2]

A terrorist can be anyone, but its not always Muslims. Stop believing this, a Muslim is not more likely to be a terrorist than anyone else. It takes a certain type of evil to become someone like that. So now what do you think when you hear the word “terrorist”? I sure hope it isn’t “a Muslim.”

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[2] Erakat, Yousef

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  1. Extremely well written article, with plenty of sources, pictures, and videos. I don’t have much to say about the topic, since all that you wrote I agree with. You bring up some very good points and defend them well. Good job!

  2. Subhan what you pointed out in your article is exactly what i would say about this issue. I hate how the media always has stories that include terrorism that occurred in certain parts and it always relates to Islam which insults me since thats my faith. These terrorist groups have become the symbol of Islam throughout the world and turned into a regular biased for muslims which makes me even more mad. I loved reading it good job Subby

  3. This is an extremely well written post. You have supported your opinion with multiple pieces of credible evidence. Ironically, this issue deserves more awareness and recognition that it currently has. When learning about this topic, people need to keep an open mind. They must process all information before forming an opinion, and most importantly, further researching the issue. People need to accept that all humans are equals. It is time we understand, accept and hold a broader thinking.

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