An Emotional Reflection

On YouTube where there’s that one video that is bigger than the rest because it has received a lot of views or has gone viral is usually a funny video put out by a famous youtuber or a new music video released by a prominent music artist. However, I didn’t expect to see a video on the homepage that would impact me the way that it did. Today I watched a video that changed my perspective on life, and the world. 

Watch it first:

This video shows the amazing transformation of Kristie and Tavis, a couple who are about to get married, age throughout the years from their 20’s to their 90’s. At the beginning, Kristie jokingly says that this video is a treat for her mom because she won’t be able to see how she would look like because she would have passed away by that point. There is a deep meaning to this because it shows how short life really is, and how depressing it can be when you think about your own parents dying. Furthermore, I can relate to this because one day I will have to deal with the fact that my parents won’t be with me anymore. 

The first transformation is at age 50 and this is where you start to hear them talking about their futures such as having kids, and being married for many years. Also, they say how they want a normal life, and that they already have a pitbull and a subaru. It is also very realistic because they dread the thought of having teenagers because those are usually children’s “rebellious years.” Finally, another point that hit me was when Kristie said “I’m going to look like my mother one day.” This is because it shows how fast life moves, and that eventually everything will come around. I get told a lot that I looked just like my dad when he was younger, and it is a very philosophical aspect of life to think about, that maybe one day I will look exactly like him.

The next transformation is at age 70, and this is where I started to see how fragile life can really be. A lot of years can pass and you won’t even know where the time went. I have heard this in my real life when my parents, uncles, and other family members say, “I remember when I was young, how fast time flies.” Tavis then reflects on what the last 50 years could have been, and it shows their love for each other and shows how marriage can really have a positive impact on your life. By that point, you would have had so many experiences, and will start forgetting certain memories of your life which is a consequence of aging. It was very emotional to hear Kristie say, “we’ll have to take care of each other” this is because when you make your vows and agree to stay together with the person you love for the rest of your life, you have to be there with each other until the end of time. 

The last transformation is at age 90, and this is where it got intense. At this age, you’re lucky to even be alive, and you’re close to death. This video addresses the natural consequences of getting older such as losing sex drive, and getting tired which is seen when the interviewer asks them questions. Afterwards, when the couple gets asked what their final words to each other would be, they respond by saying that they would want each other to know that they loved them. It shows how marriage changes you as a person, and makes you not only a better person, but helps you to improve each other’s lives. Finally, the video ends off by Kristie saying that she is comforted to see Tavis when he is in his late 90’s because it gives her a sense of security and that she is making the right choice by marrying him and solidifies her decision. 

Final thoughts:

This video has impacted me in a lot of ways. It has taught me a lot about life, how fast it moves, how fragile it is, and what to expect. It has made me aware that in life there are many challenges and obstacles that you have to face. However, it has also taught me that there are many things that you should be grateful for such as your parents, your spouse, and that the little things matter too. Finally, it has got me thinking about my own life and destiny. I am interested to see how my life will be in the future, and when I get older I will enjoy pondering about my old memories, and reflecting on the events that have impacted me as an individual as well as others, and letting the cycle of life naturally come to an end just to restart once again. 

Reasons for including this post in the culminating task:

I chose this post because it was the only one that I wrote after I truly felt inspired. This video reflection was my most personal blog post yet, and I felt the need to include it to show how much of an impact one single piece of footage can really change your perspective on life. This reflects me as a writer because I state what happens in the video and then I relate it to my own life. This shows that I can make solid connections to different types of media. If I were to write it again, I would keep the introduction because it gets the reader interested in the post, and I would still break it up into different sections (by age group.) Finally, what I would do differently is I would encourage people to watch the video and comment their thoughts on it.

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