A Change of Heart – Short Story Part 1/2

A scientist had created a monster whose destruction had no bounds. A monster that was so horrific, so frightening the sight of him gave you the chills. The scientist had created this monster so that he could accomplish a truly evil task; to annihilate every human being in the city. Also, to fill the gap that was made in its creator’s heart, the gap that was created by true loneliness. The scientist’s name was Robert and filling the void in his heart was not an easy task, for he was a person who had always felt like he needed something more and after creating creature after creature he had great disappointment for he could never make the right one, however he had a good feeling about Olaf. Robert had worked with many other mad scientists; he created Olaf in the small city of Grimsby. It was a city where there wasn’t a lot of citizens, but was a place of many murders and a place that never witnessed peace or even had the knowledge of it. Olaf was born with sharp piercing red eyes filled with hate and was the complete opposite of the word, “innocent.” Olaf would spend his time roaming the streets, obeying his master’s wishes and completing gruesome tasks. These tasks consisted of things such as; stealing money, holding people hostage, stealing weapons, and terrorizing the city of Grimsby. Once time passed Robert’s feeling about Olaf strengthened and he truly thought that he was the most evil creature that he had ever created. Robert thought that he would never turn his back against him and would always obey his commands and would even go as far as risking his own life to do so. However, on one strange day, something happened which was going to change everything forever.

It was a gloomy Sunday evening and Olaf was told by Robert to bring him three human beings that were alive for some torture tests. Olaf went along with it as usual; he remembered the terrible things that Robert had done during to some past experiment subjects. He remembered the time he burned somebody to death as well as froze somebody to their demise; also another time where he hung three people upside down by their heads waiting for their blood to gush down to their heads, ultimately killing them. Olaf had memories of witnessing the pain of other people and the deaths of countless amounts of citizens. This is what he loved to see so he didn’t mind; he loved seeing the fear in a person’s eyes once he approached them. Olaf finally remembered how Robert killed all but one of his other creations because they were all a waste of his time; they all perished at the hands of their creator. Olaf felt powerful, and all these memories made his heart even more stone cold, he was ready to fulfill another task. Olaf went out into the streets to pick out some victims with that had great misfortune. He saw a young lady, walking down the street minding her own business. Olaf dashed towards her and stopped her before she could move another step. Standing at 10 feet tall he completely scared the young lady who barely reached 5 feet. She looked up and saw what she thought was a hideous beast.

She tried to run, but was trembling in her brown fur boots. She saw the drool dripping down from Olaf’s chin. After being stared at for quite some time the young lady started shivering and shaking frantically with tears dripping down her soft pale skin. Olaf then proceeded to snatch her and then taped her mouth shut. He was waiting patiently for the second person wearing a little grin of his face that seemed almost permanent. He saw an older looking man appearing to be in his 70’s. He was wearing a trench coat, a furry hat and an old pair of ripped blue jeans. The old man was heading for his apartment; Olaf quickly hid in a corner and then proceeded to follow him. Olaf arrived at his apartment and barged right in. It was a fairly empty building with very few residents. Once the old man saw Olaf he was startled, Olaf was so tall that he could barely fit through the door. He had never seen a creature so disgusting before; he tried not to pay much attention to him hoping that he would just turn away and go on about his business. Also he had hoped to forget the illusion that he was not scared. However, Olaf could see the fear in the old man’s eyes; he wasn’t fooling anyone. It was what he loved seeing—absolute fear. The old man gave in, he willingly agreed to follow the monster wherever he was taking him and he did not have any concern with living anymore after dealing with depression for over 20 years after his wife passed away. He saw the young lady up on his shoulder screaming silently but knew he could not do anything; he was just waiting, waiting for the absolute end. It was inevitable he thought it was now time for him to move on to the other side to finally see his wife.

Finally, Olaf was seeking the third and final unfortunate soul. It was then when he saw a young boy who couldn’t have been older than 7 years old roaming the streets in the late night. He laughed and thought he was stupid for not having his parents with him. He knew it wouldn’t of mattered anyways they would have all died right then and there anyways. He snuck up and pressed the shoulder of the young boy with a surprising amount of force. The little boy turned around, it was then when he saw Olaf. However, he was not scared, he just reminded him of one of his old monster toys, the scariest one of course. Olaf then thought, “how does one not tremble in fear in the presence of a creature such as me?” The young boy’s name was Drake Fraser. He looked into the eyes of a creature that he seemed to be fascinated with, Olaf did not sense any fear whatsoever. He was confused and this confusion increased when Drake surprisingly hugged his leg. Olaf had never felt such a strong presence. Drake then asked Olaf, “why are you holding two people up on your shoulders and why are their mouths shut closed with tape?” Olaf then responded and said, “we’re just going out to play; you know to have some fun.” Drake asked if he could play with them too and Olaf agreed knowing that he lied. Olaf did not talk to the young child; the old man had his head pointed directly towards the ground. Drake was confused. “Why was everybody so quiet?” He thought. Suddenly, out of nowhere Olaf screamed at the top of his lungs: “STOP!!”

He looked into the young boy’s eyes and released the young lady as well as the old man, telling them to leave right away and go home. The young lady left quickly however the old man reluctantly headed home afterwards. Later, they thanked the creature for letting them go even though they thought that he had a heart as black as ebony. Drake stayed however and Olaf started feeling emotions he had never felt before. “What is this strange emotion I’m feeling?” He thought. All he ever felt was the pain of others, and he always fed off of other people’s misery. This was not anything like what he was feeling at that moment right then and there. He soon felt like an empty space in his heart was filling up almost like a void that he never thought could be filled. He sat down on the wide open street having a casual conversation with Drake. Drake then started speaking with him telling him how his parents abandoned him very soon after he had been born. Also how his aunt had to take him in after they left. He expressed how he never felt true love from his parents. Olaf stopped him and asked “…love? What is this love you speak of?” It was now clear to Drake, he recognized that Olaf was a truly lonely soul and never really had anyone that loved him. Drake later said how once his aunt took him in he felt some sort of love which he enjoyed having. He later described how much he could really trust her and described in great detail the connection between himself and his aunt. Olaf then proceeded to ask why he was roaming the streets in the late night, Drake then responded, “I’m looking for my aunt.” Subsequently, he had asked, “Where did she go?” Drake did not know where his aunt went, he was too young to realize that his aunt had to work long hours to support themselves. Drake would roam the streets every night in search of his beloved aunt, later to return back to their house to see her there.

His aunt would remind him every day not to worry about her and would constantly remind him that everything would be okay once she leaves for her job. However, Drake did not want to feel lonely ever—a pain he’s felt and known for far too long. He had continued to talk to Olaf but he was too busy pondering why he was created, was his only purpose on earth to kill? He knew those were Robert’s true intentions and hopes for him, but he wanted to carve his own destiny, he quickly realized Robert never cared about him all the things that he’s ever said to him such as “please don’t ever leave me, I’ll be lonely if you leave,” were all lies. Olaf realized that he was being used by Robert for his selfish reasons. Olaf wanted to start a journey to find himself, to find his purpose. Very quickly he realized he had no place to stay, he asked Drake if he could stay at his place. Drake did not know if his aunt would allow it but he thought it was worth a try anyways. He directed Olaf as well as himself to his house, once Drake had walked into his house his aunt’s face looked happy and she sighed and made a face of great relief. Once Olaf walked in she screamed, “WHO IS THAT!?” as well as “WHERE DID IT COME FROM!?” and “WHY IS IT HERE!?” Drake tried to explain but even when he begged his aunt for Olaf to stay, she did not accept it, she just couldn’t. Drake had asked to say his final words to Olaf and she did grant him that request. He had a plan, their house was acceptably large so he proposed the idea that he could stay in the attic where nobody ever went. He knew it was risky, but it was a risk he was willing the take for someone that he now considered a friend. Olaf reluctantly said yes in fear of getting caught but ultimately he agreed politely and was ready to start a whole new life with a new companion.

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