A Change of Heart – Short Story Part 2/2

He now had no intentions to kill or to harm anyone whatsoever. Everything would start from scratch, a fresh new, clean beginning. As the days went on, and as they spent more time together, Olaf started to slowly forget his past memories about Robert and the other scientists. But, he could never forget the terrible things he made him do and how he convinced them that those things that he was doing were right. Finally, for making him into the person that he never wanted to be—a true monster. Drake started noticing the changes in Olaf’s behaviour. It was a positive change. He started to transform in front of his eyes. However, deep down in Olaf’s now glowing heart he sought out revenge. Deep down Olaf wanted to kill Robert, ultimately stopping him from creating more monsters. This would also let the citizens of Grimsby finally witness peace. He did not want any more chaos in the city where he was made and raised. Meanwhile, Robert was wondering where his creation was and why he had not returned to his master. Soon he realized that his creation had failed the ultimate test, he accepted this with great disappointment. This was because Robert was capable of creating humans, he created Drake using him he tested Olaf to see if he was truly the creature he was trying to make his entire life. He sighed and thought “ugh, another creation gone to waste, how despicable.” Robert now wanted to set out in search of Olaf, there once he had found him he would thank Drake for assisting him and would crush Olaf’s soft heart, making him face the hard truth that the only friend that he’s ever made is actually on his enemy’s side.

Olaf had no idea if Robert was going to come after him but he prayed he came sooner rather than later. Olaf would usually think about the other scientists and was usually disgusted by the mere sight of them. However, there was an exception. That one scientist’s name was Victor. Olaf realized he treated him very poorly, as did the other scientists. He had now realized that Victor was different less on the mad, evil side and more on the good. Although, he couldn’t understand why he would spend his time with people who treated him like dirt, he thought that maybe he was waiting for someone like him to come along. During the night, Robert had contacted Drake and told him to kick Olaf of out his house. Secretly, he woke up his aunt and made up the fake story that the “beast had returned” and that he was scared for his own life and that he wanted him to leave right away. His aunt went to the attic and screamed ferociously and told him to get out. Olaf did not do anything but he did see the half smirk on Drake’s face. He was utterly disgusted, “Humans cannot be trusted,” he thought. He went back to the streets with constant tears dripping down his face for the first time in his life. He now knew that no one was to be trusted. He felt his emotions build up to the point where he was enraged to the point where he went back to his old self—into the demon state. Back at the laboratory, Victor had overheard Robert when he contacted Drake; it was now Victor’s time to leave. He went out in search for Olaf; hoping never to return. He searched far and wide for what seemed like an eternity, and then it hit him.

He thought that Olaf probably went to the laboratory in hopes of ending Robert’s life but he had to stop that from happening at once. He quickly picked up the pace and soon found Olaf and saw that he was dangerously close to the laboratory; he quickly ceased him in his tracks. Olaf turned around and looked at Victor with a look filled with malice. “Who could be trusted anymore? Why should I believe or listen to this scientist if he is going to stab me in the back in the end?” He thought. All these thoughts were squirming in Olaf’s head. Olaf had trust issues; he quickly ran away in the opposite direction and shouted a loud sound almost like a cry that could be heard at the other end of the city. Victor was frantically on the search for him once again, finally after looking even more this time around, he begged for Olaf to listen to what he had to say. Olaf heard how kindly the tone of his voice sounded and how it reminded him of how Drake talked in the same exact way, he didn’t want to listen to any of it, not at all. Victor talked anyway and knew it would get through Olaf’s head he had said how Robert was behind everything! He explained how Robert manipulated Drake and told him how he could get him his parent’s love if he did whatever he told him to do. Olaf knew that was the one thing Drake desired; the love of his family, it would be something he would cherish forever if received. Everything was clear, Robert was the real enemy. Drake felt horrible for kicking Olaf out of his house and needed to do what felt right for him, he left in search for his friend. He thought, “How could I do that to my own friend?” He was disgusted with himself. He found Olaf and explained everything he said; how he was naive for thinking that Robert could ever give him his family’s love. Olaf was reluctant to accept his apology but alas, he did he couldn’t ignore the fact that Drake yearned for his parent’s love and knew exactly where he was coming from. Soon, they both realized that they both really want to same exact thing. They both want to feel accepted and to be loved, and now it was tangible. After all, they had each other.

They now realized that they were all on the same side, it was now time to act. Meanwhile at the laboratory Robert tried to contact Drake to get Olaf’s whereabouts but there was no response on the other end, he was baffled. “Where did the young boy go?” He thought. After, he came to a conclusion and laughed, “damn kid probably fell asleep.” Unable to seek out Olaf, all he could do now was wait and prepare for what was going to happen, it was inevitable; blood was going to be shed. Victor, Olaf and Drake had to be very cautious and had to think long and hard about their strategy to attack the scientists. One proposed that they just wait for the scientists to come with Robert as their leader to attack them first, however they were so eager to end them and to stop their wrong-doings they had no patience whatsoever. Robert could not sleep, he was too busy awake thinking of ways to kill Olaf, what to say, what to do and things of that nature. He informed all the other scientists that they were going to be under attack very soon and who they were going to be attacked by and they all giggled. One scientist whispered, “we finally get to end his life, eh?” She was referring to Victor. A couple of days passed and Robert finally dozed off and was going to be unconscious for quite some time. Luckily for the others, this was the day they were going to attack they knew about Robert’s strange behaviours and what type of person he really was; a crazy psychopath. They remembered how he would rarely get sleep because he was always too busy plotting the next attack or creature that he would create. They all agreed and it was now settled, “DEATH TO ROBERT!” They all shouted this out loud collectively three times.

They decided to attack in the late night, they quickly reached the laboratory. Victor was prepared with stolen equipment that included weapons that Robert created as well as special guns and grenades and other explosive items. They all charged in the building and finally the ultimate battle had begun. They took separate paths, Victor and Drake went in from the back side and Olaf from the front side which lead into Robert’s chamber. Olaf ran upstairs and saw Robert; they stared at each other for quite a while. Robert said things such as: “you’re such a disappointment” and “how could you point a gun at your creator?” Olaf did not pay any attention to any of the words that came out of his mouth; he did not care about him anymore. Robert sensed that he was not getting through the Olaf and finally said “do you really want to kill your OWN father?” That was it for Olaf he could not take it anymore, he screamed “YOU’RE NOT MY FATHER!” Then proceeded and shouted “YOU’RE A DEMON!” They took shots at each other but they both missed all of their shots. Meanwhile, Victor and Drake were having some trouble against the other scientists, some did fall for some of the traps they put up but there were just too many of them to count, they were definitely outnumbered. Quickly they realized that there was no way out, now they were trapped; they were surrounded from every corner. Robert took a shot at Olaf and it hit him in the chest, he went down. However, while Robert was laughing hysterically Olaf shot him right in the heart. His own arrogance was ultimately the reason of his death. Victor and Drake were ready to say their goodbyes. Then, suddenly all of the mad scientists and Robert vanished; disappeared into thin air. Olaf went down to see what happened and was completely perplexed. Then something strange happened to Olaf, he started to transform into a human. He wondered why Victor did not disappear along with the other scientists. Victor had all the answers. He explained how Robert was capable of also creating humans. He also explained how Robert actually created all of the scientists but not in the form they were right at that moment. Robert actually created his scientists as creatures first but then transformed them into humans because he knew that none of them had any good in them and they would be more useful to him when conducting certain experiments. Robert was ultimately using the scientists as his puppets. Victor said to Olaf how he was once a creature just like him in more ways than one, he explained how he wanted to be different; he wanted to be good just like him. This is how he turned into a human because he turned out good and was not a product of his environment. He admitted to disguising himself as an evil scientist to learn all about Robert’s evil plans. It was now clear to Olaf, Robert wanted to create evil scientists to rule the city and to completely annihilate everything, he also created Victor to be the lead monster but after going against his master and being good he carved his own destiny, and this is why he was ridiculed by the others. The world was no place for monsters. Olaf had now realized that Victor was indeed just like him.

Reasons for including this post in the culminating task:

I chose this post for many reasons. For one, I enjoy writing short stories. I enjoy developing characters, creating a plot, and all the other creative steps in creating a story. The reason why I chose to write this post is because I felt like I needed to start trying to make new types of blog posts. I made a lot of informative posts, and even a list, but a story is something that I didn’t try. Also, I put a lot of work into writing the story and it took a lot of time and effort. If I were to write it again, I would keep the characters the same, and I would keep it split into two parts so that when people read the first one, they’re eager to read the second. Finally, what I would change to improve this story is adding on to the conclusion and explaining everything with more clarity as opposed to rushing it. 

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